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Join us in supporting our Church building efforts

“The God of heaven will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build...”
Nehemiah 2:20

Ethiopian Evangelical Christian Church in Austin is on a mission to build a Church that will better accommodate the Church's existing members and new members we anticipate in the coming years. We encourage you to join us in this effort through your prayers and financial support. Your prayer and financial contribution will allow us to better serve a wider community by bringing the message of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!

We greatly appreciate your support of the Ethiopian Evangelical Christian Church (EECC) in Austin. May God bless you for your support for the Church building effort. It is our prayer that God will bless you abundantly and multiply your spiritual fruits!

EECC Fund Raising Committee

We will have a meeting to discuss a big fund raising event that is scheduled for the end of October. 

We offer the following methods to make a donation:

Make a donation online:

Send us a check:
Make checks payable to Ethiopian Evangelical Christian Church and send your donations to:

Ethiopian Evangelical Christian Church
305 Deen Ave.

Austin, TX 78753

Please indicate "Church Building Effort" or “Evangelism and Outreach” on the check so it can be appropriated to the right fund.

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Ethiopian Evangelical Christian Church


305 Deen Ave. Austin, TX 78753



Welcome to Ethiopian Evangelical Christian Church in Austin, Texas!

We are excited that you have taken time to visit our site! The Ethiopian Evangelical Christian Church in Austin is dedicated to spreading the true message of Jesus Christ and holistically ministering to the needs of the community it serves. We believe that you are not here by accident. If you speak or understand the Amharic language and are looking for a church home, we welcome you to join our family! We believe you will find us to be a loving, caring, and friendly congregation!

We are always updating our site. 

We invite you to experience this community of faith for yourself! Our ministry is founded upon the four-fold purpose of the local church laid out in Ephesians 4:11-16. Our focus is to develop and maintain a ministry that accomplishes the following objectives:

(1) Christians maturing in their walk with God.

(2) Christians serving God with the gifts that He gives; including but not limited to evangelism and worldwide mission outreach.

(3) Christians stable in their understanding and commitment to Bible doctrine; unmoved by false and deceptive teaching.

(4) Christians who have sustaining and real relationships with each other.

Please pray that our church will never swerve from God’s plan and purpose for His church. If we can ever be of help to you or your family in any way, please let us know.           

  • እኔ መንገድና ዕውነት ሕይወትም ነኝ፤ በእኔ በቀር ወደ አብ የሚመጣ የለም።      ዮሐንስ ወንጌል 14 ቁጥር 6
  • ስለዚህ “መዳን በማንም የለም፣ እንድንበት ዘንድ የሚገባን ለሰዎች የተሰጠ ከሰማይ በታች ሌላ ስም የለምና፡፡”         የሐዋርያት ሥራ 4፥12
  • በእርሱ የሚያምን ሁሉ የዘላለም ሕይወት እንዲኖረው እንጂ እንዳይጠፋ እግዚአብሔር አንድያ ልጁን እስኪሰጥ ድረስ ዓለሙን እንዲሁ ወዶአልና።   ዮሐንስ  3:16
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